Guides with Chamber of Commerce certification

All of the guides appointed by Leipzig Erleben GmbH are certified by the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce. The Center for Education and Advanced Training as a company of the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce offer the training course, “Guide (IHK)”. The certification course is a modular program:
  • Principles of the tourism industry
  • Tourism as an economic factor
  • Legal principles for guides
  • Guides as entrepreneurs
  • Presentation and communication techniques for guides
  • Preparation of content and planning tours
  • Practical training

Quality – Advanced Training

For all guides at Leipzig Erleben a comprehensive advanced training program is organized. It includes 1 to 3 events monthly on historical and contemporary topics as well as didactic methodology. To extend their contracts with Leipzig Erleben GmbH all guides must show evidence of participation in advanced training and presence in lectures. So you can be certain that only high quality tours are offered. This intensive quality management is unique in Germany.

Tour Guide Qualification in accordance with DIN EN

About two thirds of our guides have already been certified in accordance with EU standards or are in the process of doing so. To ensure the highest level of quality and to meet the European regulations regarding free movement of labor, the EU developed a standard for guide training. The certification process is very demanding: each guide must complete 600 hours of training covering very specific topics. We are glad to provide friendly, competent and highly-qualified guides for you.