Other Attractions

Guided Tour of the Leipzig Gewandhaus

“Res severa verum gaudium” (True pleasure is a serious matter) This adage from Roman philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca has accompanied the Gewandhaus since 1781. We will show you the third incarnation of the Leipzig Gewandhaus. The first building was indeed the guild hall of the cloth makers, giving the orchestra and concert hall its name.…

Leipzig Opera - guided tour in the Opera House

This individual tour for groups is not only interesting from an architectural point of view, but
also exciting due to the many glances behind the scenes.

Guided Tour of St. Thomas’ Steeple

A tour of the steeple of St. Thomas Church is the perfect addition to any Leipzig program. 50 meters above Leipzig and only 232 steps from the churchyard, you will experience a magnificent panoramic view of the city. The ascent itself already includes interesting stops along the way. You will see the graffiti of a Saxon artillerist from the time of…